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absolutely. tensions run high in central kiev as thousands protest against the ukrainian president's decision to definitively reject an association agreement with the e.u. . tens of thousands are still protesting in ukrainian capital and hundreds of riot policemen are on the ground as well creating simmering tension. i began serious philosophical reservations about what the fed was doing and i decided to apologize to america as the black friday shopping phone is underway in the u.s. we look at the web while the buying spree of the federal reserve is the land of the american economy five years after it started. the government just comes in and fires mass for amounts of tear gas to punish citizens for expressing dissent later we hear from an activist trying to prevent rain from getting its hands on more gas to use and it's reportedly brutal crackdown on the opposition our top stories.
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this is international live from moscow with you twenty four hours a day. police have been deployed on independence square new craning capital where thousands of the parliament building day and night demonstrators are angry that the country's president refused to sign an association deal with the e.u. during an eastern bloc summit. is in kiev. several hundred riot policemen arrived on the scene and created some tension they were here to literally cordon off the streets just to not let the people out on the street and now the traffic has been suspended and people are protesting not only on the square but on the adjoining streets as well the biggest question right now obviously is how long this
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protest will last whether it will result in any brawls and clashes we've already seen some pushing and shoving between the protesters and the police i even saw with my own eyes a smoke bomb detonated in front of the riot police but there is this far as it went so far nobody excluded that it might result in violence that might result in clashes in roles and also now the question is who will be leading these protests because the opposition leaders still not here probably there on the way back from vilnius where they also discussed the future of the euro station deal with the european politicians. and these are live pictures now from kiev and you can see massive crowds around the parliament building but earlier i spoke to a member of the u.k. independence party who believes that some of these people don't really know what they are running for. we have to compare that to process that big house way in the european union we only have to look at the protest a b. in greece riots burning the european union flag and i think i think these people
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who are protesting it's old and propaganda i think the propaganda machine of the european union has still to down to these protesters actually if they really knew what was involved in joining the european union and actually what it meant for that country i think we'd see a whole different thing out there so there was no agreement in vilnius where e.u. leaders failed to persuade ukraine's leaders that its future lies closer to europe even despite some last minute pressure was pulled scott reports. if a moment of on power allowed access the ukrainian president viktor yushchenko ovitz comes face to face with a huge lead as for the first time since stalling on an historic trade deal the whole thing caught on camera it's clear that kiev decision to hold proceedings has rankled lead is following years of negotiations now to cultivate says the financial deal of alpha isn't large enough to prevent damage to ukraine's flailing economy
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the e.u. senses outside influence the fact that we have a strategic partnership with russia does not mean it to be and we are dealing with another country we cannot accept any kind of sort of part of the involvement of the times of limited sovereignty out over in europe yet oh so where does this leave the situation ukraine's proposals for trilateral talks with russia would jetted by the e.u. or brussels finances may not allow them to increase the offer to kiev causing stalemate so that a you depart to vilnius contemplating what might have been despite courting president they simply seemed unable to offer him a deal that was tempting enough scots vilnius lithuania. the president of the european commission once again blamed moscow for sinking the deal but one financial analysts we spoke to believes europe is just trying to divert attention from its
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own weaknesses if the european union leaders whether individually or collectively started to admitting to their shortcomings there'd be no end of problems wouldn't there i mean look at the european union massive run down employment throughout the course of the union we've got things like fifty percent plus of youth on employment in several mediterranean countries they have a euro currency project which is a fiasco built on sand by the sort of deluded technocrats who believe that they know the best thing for all people and therefore realistically the only thing the european union can try to do is keep billions storming anybody russia who cares because ultimately the european union that started and has rendered wonderful supranational trevor project is ultimately falling apart at the seams because it has become itself a crumbling soviet style empire which in many cases replicates some of the more
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ridiculous facets of the old soviet union. the holiday shopping season has kicked off in america with some retailers breaking tradition by pushing their opening hours into planks giving light instead of waiting for the official start of what has become known as black friday and it's been exactly five years since the u.s. federal reserve began its own unprecedented shopping spree back in two thousand and eight it unveiled the largest stimulus package in u.s. history let's just see how it all panned out well banks were handing out too many mortgages and as financial troubles played borrowers people couldn't repay the debt the u.s. federal reserve launched a massive program of bond purchases printing more cash and buying bad loans by pouring more. money into the banks they intended to help the average american by driving down the cost of credit so that more people could survive the financial
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meltdown but it turned out to be a bigger win for wall street than for the taxpayer support never met one of those behind the fed's experiment to now sees it as a big mistake. block friday the day after thanksgiving is america's busiest shopping day of the year millions standing in lines for hours or even days before stampeding into stores to snag door buster deals oddly enough the federal reserve bank has also used this pseudo holiday to launch its own on precedented spending spree otherwise known as want to t. that easy two thousand the financial crisis the fed began buying up massive pawns to drive down the cost of credit and experiment pitched at helping main street as the program marks its five year anniversary the former fed official who helped spearhead the quantitative easing is publicly apologizing to all americans for the role he played his name is andrew use are and he joins me now andrew what is so
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bad about quantitative easing that you felt you had to publicly apologize to the entire country i believe we had a very big wake up call with the financial crisis five years ago we had we realized we have this economy that was over we were lying on wall street where the banks had become too big and too too concentrated for the larger economy and what i feel quality quantitative easing all to me has done is to reinforce. that structure of the u.s. economy and the law the benefits of q.e. have ultimately gone to the banks rather to to main street america so if we see that over the course of five years those that have benefited from q e have been the richest people in the united states in the richest companies the richest banks in the majority of americans are not benefiting from this and why is he still continuing the problem is. the fed at this point is the only one doing
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something and so it feels like it keeps on having to do something to help mild to the argument is what it's doing is it not only helping but it may actually be hurting far for much about the u.s. economy. and economist max front of wolf says the economic recovery in the u.s. is still a long way off economy is still an economy missing seventy eight million jobs by the most conservative of possible estimates we've said here with over seven percent unemployment five years into the downturn we've had absolutely no wage growth in the united states which means that ninety two to ninety three percent of americans who are working haven't seen their paychecks go up in many years now and i foresee for the brands are more expensive gas is more expensive food is more expensive so we have a general public here the bottom eighty percent of which has been left behind the problem of the problem here is that the financial industry all this borrowed money is just a coping mechanism if the economy relies and people need to buy more than they can
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afford they borrow the difference the real economic problem is that people need and have to and choose to buy more than they can afford to either solve the problem or you have a periodic coping mechanism to introduce their new problems and eventually blow up themselves and that's unfortunately very much the story of the u.s. of the u.k. model the first wave of the fracking fury has gripped texas which has been struck by a series of small earthquakes some scientists blame the drilling for the tremors which caused no casualties but still left locals quite literally shaken and they just three point six magnitude quake was the strongest in years and feel panic in some communities the stages in a massive boom in fracking operations as oil and gas corporation seek to tap into the most lucrative deposits when earlier we spoke with local resident rebecca williams who says her complaints about alleged fracking related damage to a property being ignored by officials when we walk out. there and can recall. and could not figure out where the clinical kirk cameron. and the woman
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had been the earthquake earthquake get in quickly getting stronger and the three point one i tried to get up and run down here in my half but simply for bad for future reference i couldn't run it increased the want to go even fake it cracked my front porch i'm pretty proud of the crap brick around here the room there was. actually pouring the tram apart around the crawl along and on the ceiling and the marina and then the front porch in crap in my driveway i reported that sheriff's department connection and got a report to be that nobody had any damage and no one to look for. george bought an activist to campaigns against fracking in the u.k. he says the process is difficult to combat because of powerful because in london.
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as the program starts imagining and they try and start holding these companies to account what they find is like in both can for instance a separate company called bulk and was set up so that those massive legal liabilities that might emerge in the future actually impossible to link to the parent company quickly the resources that isn't managed by lord browne who is a member of the u.k. government and not just a member of the u.k. government advising on energy a member of the u.k. government gets to appoint people in every single other government department so when we look at the problem of fracking we see not just this immense threat to our local environment and to driving climate change wider but we also see the wider problem of how it is that these very powerful economic interests essentially dominating what should be democratic politics. still ahead on the international peacekeepers patrol the streets of britain. people are angry because a very small area very densely populated and people as you can see so terrace
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houses people living on top of each other with many angered by the flow of immigrants into the country some locals take matters into their own hands to try and bridge the divide full story just a few minutes away. there's a media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the see motion security for your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our team. choose your language. make it with know if you're going to. choose to use the consensus to. choose to get to.
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choose the stories that impact to. choose b. access to office. on the money with a business over russia news business. the most well known human rights activists in bahrain. most to be two year prison term and is now legally eligible for release this rights known as trying to prevent a south korean firm supplying the country's authorities with over one point six million rounds of tear gas activists and i spoke to madeleine he said the police are firing at people who have often done nothing wrong big government will release
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him if and only if there is significant pressure from behind allies meaning the united states or the united kingdom abs in absence of that pressure i think the government will still trying to come in prison in line with their campaign of you know trying to prevent any sort of dissent or create any sort of safe space for dissent we saw a deal the videos of nighttime bombardments of villages in behind with tear gas these are areas where there's no protests whatsoever going on the government just comes in and fires massive amounts of tear gas to punish citizens for expressing dissent or earlier protests so we're not seeing the use of tear gas in bahrain to disperse violent rioters as much as we're seeing it to punish as a weapon of collective punishment we've seen the government try to hold the so-called national dialogue with the opposition but you can't really have this dialogue when there's there's so many political prisoners and representatives of the opposition major players of the opposition in person. the ground of saudi
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arabia wants to protect the people from evil in his eyes that means preventing women from getting behind the wheel of a car let alone to find out more on this. plus a fully equipped cannabis factory in a bunker designed as a shelter from nuclear strikes it's been taken down by police now but you can read all about it l.t. dot com. right to see. first street. and i think you're. on a reporter's. instrument. to be in the. another extremely disturbing video from syria has surfaced online and amateur clip
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posted by the syrian observatory for human rights allegedly shows hardline islamist militants publicly executing members of a rival rebel group however the footage we're about to play couldn't be independently verified and it is of a graphic nature of the kneeling men believed to be from a moderate islamist group and it's claimed to have been shot dead by members of the islamic state of iraq in the violent not god affiliate operating in the region the terror cells been pushing for more control in rebel held areas in syria gets more moderate opposition factions don't even have a new shoes a political analyst and a professor at these arts in a university in amman says the root of the calls is that other regional players have no interest in peace. they do not hold any other suspect for human life and john not all political opponents of anything like even if they were against the syrian regime would become and i mean to these groups so basically we are
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talking about and they do you follow a mindset here and i doubt even and medieval times that you have had something like this this is something that probably harks back to the stone age and some people in the area do not want to see a political settlement in syria and this is a very crucial to understanding the behavior of these groups this kind of escalation against other opposition groups especially if they have said they are going to geneva two so really the only people to talk to here is not these groups but the people behind them namely some saudis and israelis who are supporting these groups that are clear and that are because they are opposed to the geneva. there is political fallout in washington after anonymous u.s. officials revealed the cia had secretly recruited some al qaeda members held at guantanamo bay the double agents with an allegedly set free in allowed to re
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infiltrate the ranks of terrorists well former pentagon security analyst michael maloof says the revelations work is a smear campaign for the detainees still trapped at guantanamo there are displaced great people they no longer have any citizenship anywhere and certainly they cannot come back in the united states and their families their families are probably going to be under watch and scrutiny it's a very problematic situation for the individuals involved especially if there was nothing nothing no charges against them in the first place they're basically people without a country now. time now for some other international news in the streets of egypt a burning again police are trying to protest in several parts of the capital current security forces using tear gas with the crowds responding with stones demonstrations days of similar walkouts in defiance of a new law and gatherings without government pretty. recent multiple arrests of
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activists including teenage girls and added fuel to public anger over the military's grip on power. hundreds just to storm the army headquarters in thailand's capital bangkok. civil unrest and demonstrators demanded the removal of the prime minister recently survived a no confidence vote in the last few days crowds of the sea several ministerial buildings and the power to the police headquarters minister is widely seen as a puppet of a brother tycoon convicted of corruption. charges has sent fighter jets to routinely patrol its newly declared defense zone over disputed islands in the east china sea this comes after japan and south korea all held their own military flights over the air in a challenge to beijing. the dispute threatens to overshadow u.s. funds president joe biden's trip to the region next week or to maintains a robust military presence in the region trying to contain china's growing clout
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u.k. is now home to almost two hundred thousand roma immigrants looking for jobs and cash and many british are angry because they believe few of the newcomers are ready to adapt to the rules of their new home furthur porterhouse some locals have made an unconventional step to deal with the matter. well ping up against the cold this team is setting off on one of their regular nightly migrant patrols organized by the pakistan community association their beat is this small neighborhood in sheffield in the north of england known as paige all the trying to save a community tensions here i don't know there are tensions in the area and people are angry because it's a very small area very densely populated and people as you can see so terrace houses people living on top of each other it doesn't take us long to see what some members of the local community a say concerned about even on a monday night in winter large groups of roma men congregated on this small high street i just saw in our. seats over to look around this mess you sensed
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noise that night most of the roma here from stood back here and they're eager to tell us that they don't want to cause any trouble for my friend you know my swap you know people broke you speaking so if you have to live in horrible you know looking for a drop you know problem here five thousand and nine pm curfew has been put in place here under sixteen can see the police thanks coming down here saying that they have what sort of significant presence in the area in less they've got a presence here from eight o'clock in the flame right the way through until then it's a very difficult thing to police the situation has gained national attention but some voicing concerns of a repeat of the race riots that blighted the north of the country to stave a decade ago it didn't concern me that it was going to happen what concerns me was how that would make very much population and the longstanding population feel that
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they're living in an area where tensions of perhaps not so hard either that might happen like all east citizens roma have the right to move freely throughout the european union but so what is the most persecuted ethnic minority groups in europe the migrant patrol at. trying to aid integration here but with restrictions being removed next year allowing both gary and sam rumanians to enter the u.k. sparking wide public concern it won't just be the patrol keeping a careful watch what plays out on the streets of this. city so r.t. reporting from sheffield in the north of england as the olympic torch continues its journey from the highest highs to the supposed preparing to compete at sochi twenty fourteen getting themselves in shape for the winter games and the host city is working just as hard to make sure it is ready to buy more reports from the centerpiece of the black sea resort. i'm standing inside of the fish a limb pig
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a stadium which will host the opening as well as the closing ceremonies for the olympic and paralympic of twenty fourteen this is going to be the home of the olympic torch now president vladimir putin for the stadium itself which is quite unique it is a shaped like a seashell and to myself that is the black sea and to my left is the mountainous cluster where all the beautiful alpine ski resorts are being prepared for the athletes as well as the spectators are wonderful quite unique about the stadium is the fact that it is made out of glass so while you know when it's sunny the sun is we selected up on it and you can really see why it was chosen to be the host stadium for the olympics and of course there will be no sporting activities happening here because it is kept for the opening and closing ceremonies and after the olympics it will be used for twenty eight feet for the world cup so we're here
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everything is almost ready and we're just waiting for the final nails and balls to be put in on the fish a stadium and of course our present body which has already stemmed russia ready to host the world in sochi come twenty fourteen. brings up to date the more news in just of a home coming up in just politicking with larry king. one member of st petersburg's legislative assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants banned in russia starting with his hometown you know i couldn't agree more with this gent on this issue these kids beauty pageants not only put a ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless but they're
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also a pedophile's dream come true and are will very very creepy but why are they creepy that's because with the i like it or not human beauty is related to sex so when you try to make children beautiful and wear bathing suits let's just say active poses yet that's called sexualizing children and it's disgusting although adult beauty pageants are also sort of stupid at least the participants are all adults so see it because beauty pageants are obviously related to sexuality should be able to participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country otherwise it is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion. secrets from the campaign trail the inside scoop from behind the scenes of the two thousand and twelve presidential race and its impact on the shape of the u.s. political landscape joining me of the co-authors of an instant bestseller double
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down journalist bob halperin and john. all next politicking a little. clip . politicking i'm happy to have the authors of double down in the studio with me mark halperin is editor at large and senior political analyst for time magazine and senior political analyst for m. as n.b.c. and john holliman is the national editor of new york magazine and a political analyst for m.s.n. b.c. they have both co-authors of a terrific book double down a great follow up to game change with another great book before we get into current policies like how did the book come of that you did you know you were going to do a follow up for you now the new file you cover the races well i mean the first one we enjoyed doing a lot and between the book and the h.b.o. movie we had a certain amount of momentum to think about doing another one and it wouldn't take
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too long for us to say you know there's a certain formula to what we did and we wanted to try to do it again for a different race some characters carrying over like the clintons and obviously president obama but but a new group of people right about i once interviewed john thehotel white who wrote the making of the president one nine hundred sixty and sixty four and sixty eight and seventy two he invented it yet on sept is jim bishop in bed with the concept of the day kennedy died of a question. do you thinking in terms of theater white well you know we are both big readers of political literature so you know be think about people who have done stuff like this in the past tell you what obviously established became a franchise but you know hundred thompson did for a living on the campaign trail in seventy two a book we both admire richard ben cramer wrote one of the great political campaign books ever what it takes about the ninety eight campaign but now want to done anything like this in a while and they can look at sort of died so we were fighting against the trend which was a lot of publishers thought well there's so much coverage of these races now how
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can you possibly write about something that comes out a year later or more forgotten about it but the two thousand a race in this race both really interesting and we wanted to get behind the scenes we thought we could use of this my little through the turn of terrific book and we're going to get into it in a couple minutes but first some current things really as we tape this the president is in l.a. today where where does this stand right now this the rollout of the what's going on think of presidencies in the balance this how did the ump like this i think that you can see the seeds of some of the problems in a few things that we write about in the book and that have been said about the president some of which are. he passed health care with all democratic votes deducting republicans bought into it at all and didn't run to get a mandate on health care when he ran for re-election governor romney didn't bring it up because he had his own problems on health care that i think when you don't make an issue front and center even if something that's passed a lot harder time winning over the trust of the american people and between the computer the website problem and the lack of president's clarity say that somewhat
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euphemistically about whether everyone would be able to keep their policy he's created a deficit in terms of trusting him hard to implement something partisan and controversial if the public doesn't trust you when you say you saw this coming john i think we both saw at the time you know that that one of the big risks of doing health care the only way to get health care passed was in a partisan way republicans didn't want to cooperate with the president he had to do it that way was the only way to get it done at the same time there was an inherent risk in that and you know pat moynihan used to say that you know a big piece of american social legislation always would be should be done in a bipartisan way not because it was just the ideal but because you needed implementation was going to be it was always hard away and by barzan today nothing well you know almost nothing that's kind of the conundrum the president president faced but the truth is if a big law like this is going to take ten years or more but at least five years to roll out and get implemented if you have half the country in half the political world not believing in it from the from the get go it's harder to get it done and that's kind of what you know what works referring to i think it's hard.


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